Review Processes

Mandatory Requirements for Scientific/Technical Publications per Contract with DOE




‐       Dissemination of Knowledge.

‐       To fulfill Fermilab’s contractual requirements with DOE. The number of Scientific/Technical Publications published is listed in annual DOE scorecard reports. Scientific/Technical Publications are Fermilab’s end product.





‐       FRA Employees ‐ this includes Scientific/ Technical Publications that list FRA Employees on the author list.

‐        Guest Scientists, Visitors, Users, and Members of a Collaboration, reporting work done using Fermilab facilities.





All Theses and Scientific/Technical Publications written for external distribution.


‐       Theses

  • Bachelors
    • Masters
    • Doctoral dissertations

‐       Scientific/Technical Publications

  • Preprints intended for publication in a peer‐reviewed journal
  • Conference reports
  • Technical memos documenting equipment or other technology
  • Physics notes ‐ short papers not intended for journals or conferences Does not include internal notes, posters or





This must be on all Scientific/ Technical Publications.


‐       Operated by Fermi Research Alliance, LLC under Contract No. De‐AC02‐07CH11359 with  the United States Department of Energy.




Request a Fermilab Publication Number


‐       All Scientific/Technical Publications must receive a Fermilab Publication Number



Upload the Scientific/Technical Publication






Internal Review


‐       ORTA (patent) review: all Scientific/Technical Publications.

  • Chief Operating Officer determines if patent deemed necessary and DOE is notified of any patent/record of invention .

‐       Scientific/Technical review:

  • All Scientific/ Technical Publications, except those of
  • Particle Theory
  • Astro Theory
  • CMS papers (full collaboration)
  • Design reports
  • JACoW conference proceedings papers
  • Major conferences papers such as ICHEP, CHEP, ASC, etc.
  • Proceedings of Science papers
  • Theses
    • Process
  • If corrections are required by the Scientific/Technical Reviewer, assigned by Directorate based on the content of the Scientific/Technical Publication, these must be made and the Scientific/Technical Publication re‐
  • If Scientific/Technical Publication is denied by the Scientific/Technical Reviewer, the author is If the author chooses to rewrite the Scientific/Technical Publication, it must be re‐uploaded and will be resubmitted to the Scientific/Technical Reviewer.
  • Approved Scientific/Technical Publication is posted on Fermilab’s Technical Publications web



Transfer of Copyright Agreement


‐       All Transfer of Copyright Agreements must be signed by the Fermilab Technical Publications Office. This is required by our contract with DOE and gives us the right to make the information contained in the Scientific/Technical Publication freely available on Fermilab’s Technical Publications web pages without breaking U.S. copyright laws.

‐        You must upload the Scientific/Technical Publication before the Transfer of Copyright Agreement can be signed.

‐       Transfer of Copyright Agreements are in two formats, either paper or electronic.


  • Paper format ‐ Bring to Technical Publications OfficeWH3SW#358 for signature.
  • Electronic format ‐ There is always a box to check that states you do not have authorization to sign. It will then ask you for name, title and email of person who does have the authorization to sign the form. Type the following information ‐ Kathryn Duerr, Technical Information & Records Administrator, 630‐840‐5693